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Sunday, 25th October 2015
Developing Project-Based Bonus Schemes(09:00-13:00)
Oil and gas organisations in GCC are increasingly keen to introduce the concept of project-based incentives with the intention to bring bonus pay-outs in line with project success and help improve retention of key roles and lower recruitment and replacement costs.

These plans have the potential to offer net gains to stakeholders via one of two routes:
  1. Better use of existing reward spend, or
  2. Through improved performance via additional spend

This workshop aims to explore the following about project-based incentives:
  • Why should a company consider moving to project-based schemes?
  • What different options are available?
  • When are these most feasible?
  • How companies should implement these?
  • Who should be included in the bonus scheme?

During the workshop we will also discuss the key design considerations for this type of plan and highlight the key criteria that determine success of this type of reward.

Who should attend?
  • Mid-level to senior human resource professionals with an interest in using reward to improve retention and project success
  • Compensation and benefits specialists in the oil and gas industry
  • Senior project managers
Facilitated by:
Chris Shennan, Head of Oil and Gas Consulting, Hay Group
Kartikey Singh, Portfolio Manager – Oil and Gas, Hay Group
Monday, 26th October 2015
08:30 Morning Refreshments and Registration
09:00 Welcome Remarks by the Chair
Rob Veersma, Director Training and Development, Gazprom International
09:05 Morning Keynote Address: Innovation Culture - How Can an Organization Build an Innovation Culture through Their Employees?
Dr. Abdalla Alhammadi, HR Director and Innovation CIO, Ministry of Economy
09:15 Keynote Presentation: Oil and Gas Megatrends and What They Mean for HR?
The last twelve months have been a dramatic time in the oil and gas industry. In a volatile environment where oil prices are half what they were, your people are critically important. This session will detail the macro-trends which are affecting the oil and gas industry, what that means for the HR function and what can be done to help organisations through these challenging times.
Chris Shennan, Head of Oil and Gas Consulting, Hay Group
10:00 Strategies and Perspectives to Manage Talent and Maximise the Value of Your People
  • What is sustainable talent management?
  • Alignment of talent management with business strategy
  • Sustainable talent management system (the talent ecosystem)
  • Deployment of assessment center and psychometric assessment tools
  • Recruiting, attracting, retaining talent
  • Growing your talent and developing
  • Coaching, mentoring and employability at workplace
  • Target organization and future leadership pipeline
  • Lack of talent utilization
Muhammad Fahd Khan, Head of Human Capital Services Division, Orient Management Consulting and Training
10:45 Morning Refreshment Break
11:15 Developing Job Family-Based Competency Maps
  • Job profile
  • On-boarding of new hires
  • Competency assessment, gap and PDP
  • T&D of practitioner employees
  • Learning implementation
  • Kirkpatrick model
Shaima Al-Awadi, Assistant Manager – Learning and Development, Dolphin Energy
12:00 The Impact of Corporate Learning
  • What is the ROI from training?
    • Evaluation realities and myths
    • Four benefit cornerstones of learning
  • How to create sustainable impact?
    • Impact of learning
    • Designing learning infrastructure
Rob Veersma, Director Training and Development, Gazprom International
12:45 Networking Lunch Break
13:45 Afternoon Keynote Address: Building And Developing the Next Generation Of Leaders From The National Talent Pool
The long-term goal is to increase the proportion of nationals in the energy sector through training, succession planning, and professional development
  • Why is it important to attract nationals to the energy sector?
  • Creating national leadership development programmes
  • Driving engagement and succession planning by developing effective retention policies
Dr. Ali Salem Al Qaiwani, Member of IIRSM, and Director Clients Relations, Ministry of Labour
14:30 The Evolving Role of Performance Management within an Organisation
  • Performance management for high potentials and high performers
  • Sharpening the focus on talent
  • Using data analytics for performance measurement
Assma Gosaibat, Corporate Affairs Manager, TOTAL E&P
15:15 Afternoon Refreshment Break
15:30 Demonstrating Appreciation through Meaningful, Non-Financial Rewards
  • Developing valuable compensation and benefits packages which reflect regional differences
  • Assessing global trends in rewards packages
  • What attracts and retains the best employees in the different regional workplaces
  • Developing customised C&B packages for a mobile workforce
Ademola Ogubano, Head – Human Capital Management, Oando Energy Resources
16:15 Promoting And Retaining Women In The Energy Sector
  • Recruiting women for leadership positions
  • Personal development – useful skills and focus on strengths
  • Leaders of today bring forward leaders of tomorrow
  • Retaining female leaders and engineers
  • Ensuring C-suite are explicitly backing women in the oil and gas industry for the long-term
  • What do women require to succeed in the industry?
Dr. Nadia Al-Hasani, Dean, The Petroleum Institute
Nabeela A. Al Kindi, Reservoir Engineer, ZADCO
Ayesha Ahmed Abdulla Salem Alsaeedi, Reservoir Engineer, ADCO
Amna Adnan Al Maqtari, Process Engineer, TAKREER
17:00 Close Of Forum

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