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Developing Virtual Leadership for Virtual Team Working

Rob Veersma, Director Training and Development at Gazprom International details the challenges of virtual working, virtual leadership, and the six mega-trends to structure our thinking.

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A Long-Term View: Project-Based Incentives in Oil and Gas

There is a significant shift happening in the oil & gas industry - the growing volatility of oil prices means that now more than ever, organisations need to balance the importance of investing in large scale projects whilst also ensuring the effective management of existing projects.

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Maximising Emirati Talent; a 2014 Report

Emiratization policies and initiatives, such as Tanmia, ENDP, Tawteen Council and Absher, seek to reduce the UAE’s dependency on foreign workers and permit more Emirati nationals to benefit from economic growth in the country. In light of the growing need to employ Emirati nationals in the private sector, the UAE government has ensured the employment and development of Emirati talent as a top priority for the country. Despite numerous initiatives, very few (estimated as less than 1%) of the 4 million private sector workers in the UAE were Emirati.

As part of its commitment to develop local Emirati talent, BP commissioned this research initiative, carried out by Oxford Strategic Consulting, in order to help maximize the development of Emirati talent in engineering, with a specific focus on the Oil and Gas sector.

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HR Forum Oil and Gas : Tackling the Region's Talent Crunch

The shortage of talent within the Middle East's oil and gas sector needs to be addressed sooner than later, says Riad Mannan.

Most oil and gas companies in this region and beyond are facing a critical talent pool shortage that could, if not tackled, hinder the long-term performance of their organisations. Read More

Deloitte: Oil and Gas Talent Management Powered by Analytics

Adopting analytics to effectively manage workforce needs

Leading human resources (HR) organizations within the oil and gas industry are starting to effectively use data analytics to help identify, recruit, retain, and develop skilled talent. By blending internally available data with external statistics and information related to the labor supply, these HR leaders within the industry are positioning themselves to effectively manage changes brought forth by this volatile operating environment. Read More

Bain & Company: 5 Factors Behind the Talent Shortage in Oil and Gas


The oil and gas industry faces a shortage of talent that threatens its ability to meet the world's demand for hydrocarbons. Leaders in the exploration and production (E&P) sector tell Bain & Company that this impending shortage represents their greatest corporate challenge. Read More

Bridging the Gender Gap in Oil & Gas


An interview with Saba Tukmachy, Career Development Manager at ENOC - her journey as a woman in HR and her opinion on career progression within the oil and gas sector. Read More

Transformative Learning for Adaptive Leadership

Learning in action in the midst of complexity

This paper describes the characteristics of the kind of adaptive leadership necessary to meet today's complex and volatile challenges and explain how the action learning technology of Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry provides individuals with the opportunity to learn both the capacity (complexity of mind) and competence (skills) to meet the demands of our times. Read More